Amy Santamaria



Amy grew up outside Boston but now resides in Brooklyn where she often wonders how long three people can live in a 1.5-bedroom apartment. She has been in the gluniverse for over a decade but made the transition to staff in 2023. She likes to joke that she was just waiting for glue to pop the question. As a producer, Amy lends her support and expertise to clients as well as the extended glue team. Her favorite part of the work isn’t the spreadsheets or clipboards (though she does love them too) – but it is being around smart, kind, creative co-workers, clients, and guests.

  • No1.Loves paddleboarding but hates pumping the board up.
  • No2.Known for her chicken bacon corn chowder.
  • No3.Grew up in a family of 1776 reenactors.
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