National Geographic’s Saints & Strangers Restaurant Takeover

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    Pilgrim-inspired menu based on the 1st Thanksgiving, created by April Bloomfield

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    Wood carving

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    16th-Century clothing

In promotion of National Geographic’s 2-night televised event “Saints & Strangers”, New York City’s Flatiron Hall was transported back to the 1600’s for a 2-day restaurant-takeover unlike any other. Guests traveled back in time to experience the journey of the pilgrims firsthand by going from England to the New World through two custom-designed areas –  a 16th century pub on the 1st floor and New World era Plymouth, MA on the bottom floor. World-renown chef April Bloomfield treated guests to a specially created a menu inspired by the pilgrims’ own Thanksgiving.

National Geographic’s
Saints & Strangers
Restaurant Takeover