Nike+ The Opening Superbowl 50

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    Hosted in the Historic Old San Francisco Mint

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    Available exclusively to Nike+ Members, guests signed up in app

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    Hall of Speed

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    The Hall of Speed showcased 20 years of Nike Cleats

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    The Locker Room

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    Here guests picked up their Vapor Untouchable 2 cleat, before heading into The Arena for test trial

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    The Arena

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    Built inside the interior courtyard, The Arena room was blacked out with a bespoke black box structure. 12 projectors lit the turf … eleven times as bright as your typical movie theatre screen.

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    Professional athletes Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, Victor Cruz, Amari Cooper, and Marcus Mariota stopped by The Arena

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    Nike Training Club held multiple training sessions with professional athletes

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    Professional Quarterbacks did the throwing, as guests ran routes according to the interactive path projected on the field

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    The Lab

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    Guests were shown and tried out the new Nike Training apps like HUDL, NYC, and NRC

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    The Vault

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    Guests tried their luck at winning a pair of Precious Metal Air Force Ones

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    Inside The Vault

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    Precious Metal Air Force Ones

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Open to the public for 3 days leading up to Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, Nike went for literal gold with Nike+ The Opening. Hosted in the historic Old SF Mint, consumers experienced a multi-room journey, featuring the newest Nike Football apparel and technology.

Nike+ The Opening
Superbowl 50