Governors Ball Music Festival

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    Duke Dumont / Bacardi House Stage

  • 4-2016-06-02-pg-thegovernorsball-founders-173

    The Killers / GovBallNYC Stage

  • 5-2016-06-02-pg-thegovernorsball-founders-37

    The Strokes / GovBallNYC Stage

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    Watching the Killers from VIP Cabanas

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  • 9-2016-06-02-pg-thegovernorsball-founders-111

    Honda Artist Signing Shack

  • 10-2016-06-02-pg-thegovernorsball-founders-138

  • 11-2016-06-02-pg-thegovernorsball-founders-165

    M83 / Honda Stage

  • 12-2016-06-02-pg-oliver-thegovernorsball-founders-18

    M83 / Honda Stage

  • 13-2016-06-02-pg-thegovernorsball-founders-57

    The Killers / GovBallNYC Stage

  • 14-2016-06-02-pg-oliver-thegovernorsball-founders-3

    The Killers / GovBallNYC Stage

Governors Ball, a fan favorite of music festival attendees, returned to Randall’s Island, New York City, for its 6th year, featuring some of the biggest names in music —  The Killers, Beck, The Strokes, Death Cab for Cutie, Of Monsters and Men, M83, De La Soul, Prophets of Rage, and many others. With roots that go back to the inaugural Governors Ball, Founders Entertainment invited productionglue back to their team to take on 3 roles — Production Management, Site Management, and Sponsorship Supervision. 2016 marked the first year that one company handled both site and production management, adding seamless integration between both teams. We’re honored!

Governors Ball Music Festival