Frieze New York Art Fair

  • 275,000 sq foot tent on Randall’s Island 

  • Jeff Koons’s 80ft tall “Balloon Dog” / Frieze 2013

  • Alex de Corte “free money” / Frieze 2016

  • Guests could take ferries to Randall’s Island

  • The arrival

  • Frieze features some of NYC’s most beloved local restaurants
  •  BMW sponsored booth
  • VIP Lounge

  • Frieze Sounds

Frieze New York has been the premiere art fair in the U.S. since 2012, with productionglue as an integral partner in evolving Frieze’s modern fair experience into the renowned attraction it is today.  The 275,000 sq. ft. temporary bespoke structure houses approximately 200 of the world’s leading galleries and hosted 60,000 guests on Randall’s Island. With four years of partnership, productionglue and Frieze have continued to grow the art fair scale, becoming the world’s largest continuous tent.


Guinness World Records
2012 Largest Stage: Temporary
Frieze Art Fair
2012 Largest Single-Unit Marquee
Frieze Art Fair

Frieze New York
Art Fair