The Ellen DeGeneres Show Season Premiere

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    Thousands of Ellen fans wait to watch the show

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    Ellen’s first guest was former Secretary of State and Presidential-hopeful Hillary Clinton

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    Amy Schumer made a surprise cameo, inspired by Elsa from Frozen

  • 6-19-2015-09-04-pg-EllenSE13Premiere-NBC-77

    Ellen’s favorite 5 y/o presidential expert Macey Hensley, rocking a matching Hillary Clinton pantsuit

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    P!nk closed the show with Ellen’s new theme song “Today’s The Day”

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    Fellow NBC host Jimmy Fallon joined the festivities

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The Ellen Show made a splash for its 13th season premiere, taking over the famous Rockefeller Plaza for two back-to-back live broadcast tapings. A massive studio-style stage with seating for over 500 audience members was built in just a few short days. This was one of the most production-heavy projects to have ever been produced in the area.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Season Premiere