Our Story

With an ambition to advance the live event and the guts to carry it out, we founded productionglue in February 2006.

We set out to innovate in every aspect of the business—from management and strategy to creativity and technology. And with each project success, we pushed our ambition further, in search of new adventures, higher stakes and greater challenges. This spirit of advancement is what motivated us in the first place, and drives us to keep innovating today.

But perhaps most importantly, our track record has allowed us to grow from a few friends with a vision into a full-service team, collaborating with hundreds of clients. When we began, we couldn’t possibly have imagined where our collective abilities and commitment would take us. And now, with 10 years under our belt, we can’t wait to discover what new milestones the future holds.



2015 CLIO Image Awards

Engagement / Experiential:
Grand CLIO

Nike Zoom City Arena
Architectural interior / exterior:

Nike Zoom City Arena

Emmy Awards

News & Documentary
Outstanding Individual
Achievement in a Craft:
Lighting Direction & Scenic Design

NBC News, Decision 2012: Election Night from Democracy Plaza
NBC News: Education Nation Summit

Guinness World Records

2012 Largest Stage:
Frieze Art Fair
2012 Largest Single-Unit
Frieze Art Fair

BizBash Event Style Awards

Best Staging and Set Design
Talking Transition
Best Use of Technology
Bank of America: Gift on 5th
Best Ent / Program Concept
Hearst Tower Opening Night
Best Use of Technology
Hearst Tower Opening Night

Golden Dumpster Awards

2014 Board of Directors’
Esteemed Recognition Award

For Integrating Sustainable
and Environmentally-Low Impactful
Practices in Event Production

Our Purpose

Both our innovation and our impact are powered by a set of five initiatives that inspire everything we do.


We don’t just create environments—we protect them too. From materials and logistics to energy and waste management, we’re helping set the standard for sustainable practices in the event industry.

  • One of the first to adopt ASTM/APEX Sustainable Event Standards
  • ISO 20121 Sustainable Event Management System Compliant
  • Sustainable practices that reduce the footprint of all job sites


To accelerate our ability to innovate, we created an internal R&D incubator.

glueLAB is where we explore advancements in design, technology and entertainment, in order to discover new ways to deliver even greater human impact.

  • Experimental concepts in design, location and media
  • Custom application of new technologies
  • Advances in production, technical direction and equipment


We invest in our people. glueSCHOOL provides all employees with unique opportunities to advance their careers—and our clients’ success.

  • Technical skills: safety, rigging, tenting, power, A/V, permitting
  • Production process: show flow, talent wrangling, emergency procedures
  • Creative tools: scenic and graphic design, computer skills, marketing


We’re committed to creating a culture of giving, supporting the causes and organizations our team cares about most. glueGIVES inspires us all to do little things that make a big difference.

  • Donating time to community initiatives
  • Deploying skills, materials and knowledge
  • Charitable contributions to causes that impact our community


Our people are the heart and soul of our culture. gluePEEPS drives our values through everything we do, ensuring that our people feel connected to our mission and supported as individuals.

  • Cultivating a culture of engagement & productivity
  • Encouraging talent to flourish by introducing opportunities to share ideas, explore and create
  • Celebrating the accomplishments of our current staff and encouraging the future success of our new hires
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